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ArabyAds offers ad solutions through affiliate marketing

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ArabyAds offers ad solutions through affiliate marketing

: ArabyAds establishes its position in the Middle East and North African (MENA) market to bring unique expertise in performance-based advertising; the dominating trend in the evolution of online advertising.

Advertisers now expect more in the digital realm than reach and clicks. They want performance driven solutions where payment is based on actual results. This is the premise of performance-based advertising; advertisers only pay when value is generated.

ArabyAds, part of M&K Internet group, specializes in helping advertisers capitalize on the many advantages of performance-based advertising. With offices in both Dubai and Cairo, and prominent clients in the E-commerce, Automotive, Banking, and Telecom industries, among others, ArabyAds serves the MENA region. Since its inception, ArabyAds has leveraged its 750 affiliates to deliver more than 2.3 million conversions to its portfolio of 150 clients.

Taking the guesswork out of ad placement and how to invest valuable advertising dollars, ArabyAds, has affiliates that utilize various models and operate based on compensation for the delivery of tangible results, such as a lead, download, an actual sale or some other concrete customer action.


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