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Cary announces expansion plans at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

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Cary announces expansion plans at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

Cary, the social mobile marketplace based in Dubai, revealed its prospects for growth with additional services that includes electronics, smartphones, sports equipment, home appliances, and accessories. The extension is intended to cater for people wanting to buy previously owned items from individuals in their area. The announcement was made during the world’s biggest technology event TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, USA.

At the event, CEO and founder, Mohammed Johmani said, “The expansion is an exciting time for Cary. We are looking forward to reaching new customers and breaking into innovative markets. Our platform has created demand for users that wants to shop for more than just cars. We are constantly looking for new ways to exceed our customers expectations.”

Specification & features

Adding services to Cary’s existing website is only the beginning, offers an exciting twist to online platforms in eCommerce. The website’s social features allow users to join and follow groups to continually keep on top of the latest news and newly listed items.

Cary is the only UAE based social media platforms that makes it easy and fun to buy and sell items from people nearby, user profiles can now be personalized, with Cary enabling users to add a photograph as well as a fully detailed profile. The profile feature facilitates users to view their purchase history, user ratings and more. Customers can also exchange private messages and photographs of the items, making buying and selling as convenient as possible.

Investment & expansion

During the TechCrunch Disrupt, Mohammed Johmani also revealed Cary’s new investment strategy, which includes a second round of funding, to expand the business regionally. This provides an opportunity for investors who may have been overlooked during the first crowd-funding occasion, to participate in the project.

According to Mohammed Johmani, part of the investment is going to be towards appointing a raft of mobile technology experts in order to drive the company’s expansion aspirations forward.

Cary was initially granted $100,000, gleaned through the popular crowd-funding site Eureeca. The company has already achieved a large user base and has established itself in the e-marketing and mobile marketing space in the UAE and is looking forward to the exciting period of growth that lies ahead.

Industry & growth

Johmani added that the Middle East e-commerce is estimated to reach $15 billion US by the end of 2015, with users becoming more open to the idea of buying online; e-commerce will soon replace traditional shopping behavior of physically visiting the retail outlets and shopping malls, the middle east has one of the highest social media users penetration which gives Cary and all other e-commerce platforms the opportunity to leverage on the online users growth.

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