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Expert and user opinion site launches in the UAE

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Expert and user opinion site launches in the UAE, a 360 degree product information platform, which helps consumers make informed buying decisions was launched in UAE today.  Positioned as a complete destination for smart consumers, it provides users with information on gadgets, movies, stores etc., along with product price comparison and best deals. has expert opinions submitted by reviewers in diverse fields such as technology, photography, cinema, etc., that members can rely upon. The platform will also carry quick user reviews that indicate product popularity and a product news feature to keep members updated on the latest offerings available in the market. Further, consumers can compare prices from various stores to make better purchase decisions. Store ratings help visitors find the best stores to shop at, in the UAE.

Speaking at the launch, Deepan P. Eswar, founder of and executive director, Kreata Global touts the site as the one and only platform for getting all product related information at one place, which includes expert views, real user reviews and price comparisons at store level. “We have demystified real user opinions about a product or a store in a simple and unbiased way called ‘feeds’, which is often not the case in other review sites. As part of our plan to increase geographic presence, Feedbaac will be launched in the rest of GCC, Singapore and India by early 2016.”

Sharing opinions on is easy with just a few taps, clicks, symbols and minimal text. Users can also add their friends from popular social networks and know their take on different products. Submitting valid feeds and getting ‘support’ on them can earn the user badges and points that increase their status as a Feeder on the site. has been developed by Kreata Global, a leading digital innovation company based in Dubai, UAE. To check out the site, log on to

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