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Apple tops the UAE’s Brand Intimacy Report


Apple tops the UAE’s Brand Intimacy Report

According to the Brand Intimacy 2015 Report by MBLM, Apple is revealed as the most intimate brand to the UAE’s consumers. Local brand Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank earns a place in the top ten, alongside a collection of global names, coming in an impressive eighth on the chart – before global giants, Google and Ikea.

UAE’s top ten most intimate brands of 2015 are:

1)    Apple

2)    Lexus

3)    Samsung

4)    Mercedes-Benz

5)    Dove

6)    Starbucks

7)    Sony

8)    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

9)    Google

10)  Ikea

Published by MBLM Dubai, the UAE country report, which aims to understand the emotional bonds between local consumers and brands, has been commissioned for the first time. The wider research initiative analyzes the responses of 6,000 consumers and 52,000 brand evaluations across the US, Mexico and the UAE. This research aims to highlight how emotion drives consumer purchases, indicating that the feeling about a brand is a major indicator of a conversion.

“This report is based on quantitative research among consumers, where our goal was to measure, quantify and better understand how emotions impact brand relationships and, as a further dimension, which brands are most successful at creating these bonds,” says William Shintani, Partner at MBLM, in a press statement.


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