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Euromonitor International releases new survey


Euromonitor International releases new survey

Euromonitor International released a new survey focused on hyper-connected consumers and their use of technology, including shopping habits and attitudes toward online privacy and security.

According to the new survey titled: “Consumers in the Digital World: Hyperconnectivity and Technology Trends,” Internet-connected consumers in both developed and emerging markets are expanding their use of technology in everyday life, leading to significant changes in how they interact with the world around them.

For example, 67 percent of smartphone users rely on their phone for GPS navigation and 33 percent use the device to book a taxi or car service. However, larger-screen devices such as computers and tablets are still favored when consumers sit down to stream a video or television show.

Constant Internet access also allows the hyperconnected consumer to utilize their phone or mobile device to compare prices, product details, and purchase goods wherever and whenever. According to the latest survey results, 94 percent of respondents go online to research a potential purchase, regardless of whether they end up buying on a website or in store.

Internet-connected consumers in emerging markets, particularly India and China, are leading the way in online shopping. 87 percent of Internet-connected consumers in China typically purchase apparel online, as do 73 percent in India. However, virtual shopping is not the norm in all emerging markets with just 45 percent of online consumers in Russia and 47 percent in the Middle East buying clothes via the Internet.

“Understanding how the consumer utilizes technology in their purchasing decisions is crucial for companies striving to grow their customer base,” says senior Survey Analyst, Lisa Holmes in a press statement. “As consumers continue to become more hyperconnected, the need to market products and make them easily accessible through technology is more important than ever.”

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