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Generation C use social media to find jobs


Generation C use social media to find jobs

In a survey conducted by Linkedin, the majority of Generation C believes the significance of having a connection in the industry to land a job. Respondents added that on average it takes around 42 days to find a job using the online platform.

Around 35 per cent of the participants stated that top barriers hindering them from applying to a new job were mainly the stress that accompanies finding a new job. There were 31 per cent who said that current economic uncertainty makes it difficult to find a job. Meanwhile 29 per cent said that they have the fear of the application getting rejected or not considered.

On the other hand, several respondents thought the process of finding the right job was too long. They cited a number of incidents, including: “it felt like it took me a long time to find a role I want to apply for” or “the interview process took a long time.”

Generation C is not an age group. It is a term used to describe consumers who integrate technology into their daily routine. The survey was conducted in the UAE. It is part of the In It Together global consumer-targeted campaign revolves around a central question: what are you in it for?

In It Together, began in 2018 in U.S. with a member-centric campaign showcasing professionals from every walk of life. The company said that the campaign was designed to make LinkedIn feel more accessible to people.

The focus of the campaign for the second wave was to highlight how LinkedIn is a platform where people can find their dream jobs. The survey was done alongside it to highlight social media trends of UAE residents and how they spend their time on the different channels for both leisure and work.




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