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The 3 phases of Ramadan advertising: where’s your brand?


The 3 phases of Ramadan advertising: where’s your brand?

  • 23% of TV ad spends are during Ramadan, according to Ipsos 2017 research
  • Viewers in Saudi Arabia (60%) and in Egypt (70%) actually prefer watching ads on YouTube to TV
  • In MENA, users spend an extra 6 million hours on Facebook throughout the month

It’s no surprise that this is a critical period for advertisers. As one of the platforms that sees a massive increase in user consumption, Facebook has laid down the four key stages of Ramadan advertising:

Across Facebook and its family of apps and services, conversations about Ramadan last for nine weeks and can be split into three distinct phases.

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Phase 1: Discovery and inspiration (4 weeks pre-Ramadan)

The pre-Ramadan phase revolves around discovery and inspiration. People like planning early when it comes to fashion, food, décor and so on.

Phase 2: Mobile engagement (3-4 weeks of Ramadan)

Phase 2 takes place during the first three weeks of Ramadan when consumer behavior will change and purchases increase. According to Facebook’s internal data, there are 4.8x more conversions on mobile during Ramadan compared to other times. 71% of UAE Facebook users use the platform while watching TV.

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Therefore, it is more important than ever to create thumb-stopping, creative mobile campaigns which have a simple Call to Action.

Phase 3: Eid and Last-Minute Gifting (1 week)

Phase 3 is the final week of Ramadan and the Eid period, when gift-giving is at its peak. 70% of people in the UAE say they rely on Facebook for gift ideas. Although shopping continues to happen throughout the day, 3am seems to be the time where usage peaks on Facebook during Ramadan and the optimal time for advertisers to gain the consumer’s attention.

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