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Trustworthiness Matters In Saudi Market


Trustworthiness Matters In Saudi Market

Results of the April 2019 Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (PCSI) in Saudi Arabia, released by Ipsos,the global market research and a consulting firm, reveal that an overwhelming majority of consumers in the Kingdom 85 per cent believe that the country is heading in the right direction. These results are considered the highest percentage in 4 years.

Previously Ipsos has identified Google in the  top spot as the most influential brand in the Kingdom. The study measured consumer perceptions towards 120 leading National, Regional, and Global brands in terms of their influence on people, based on a comprehensive list of attributes.

The results present several takeaways for publisher and advertisers in the kingdom mainly revolving around the sophistication of the market and how the Saudi consumer should not be underestimated.

In Saudi Arabia trustworthiness is directly connected to the ability of a brand to constantly provide the same service, project confidence while always try to get better for the customers.

“Subsequently brands that win in trust enjoy a strong word of mouth, and more leg room when mistakes are made,” said the firm in an email to Communicate.

Trust for consumers in Saudi Arabia is more awarded to brands that show customers that they are invested in staying up to date with their evolving needs. In addition to working continuously to satisfy the customers, both now and in the future, the firm said in their e-mail.

Brands that tell stories and are relevant to the customers and owns a purpose find their place in the market. However, when it comes to publishers, the influence of mega brands like Google,  and Facebook, etc is not just a function of trusting its content and its reach, but rather with their innovation in reshaping the way we consume it, be it directly or indirectly.


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