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UAE posts largest number of Instagramers in the Arab world


UAE posts largest number of Instagramers in the Arab world

In a recent report released by Phil Gonazlez, co-founder of Instagramers Gallery – a virtual photo gallery based on a massive photography platform, which enables users to share their photographs with the world –  the UAE ranked number 1 among Arab countries in using Instagram, followed by  Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Lebanon, Morocco  and Egypt .

Other Arab countries active on the platform as well included Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

Instagramers Gallery expects further demand from the UAE, where smartphone ownership (78 percent) has outstripped the global average by 30 per cent, according to a recent survey by research consultancy TNS Global.“According to the study, around 78 per cent of UAE population owns a smartphone, compared to the global average of 42 per cent. Also, nearly 40 per cent of UAE consumers either own or are looking to own a tablet. Furthermore, 34 per cent use their smartphones to access social networking sites. All this will fuel social media photography further in the UAE,” adds Jorge Martínez, co-founder of Instagramers Gallery.


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