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YouGov releases its 2013 BrandIndex Annual Buzz Rankings


YouGov releases its 2013 BrandIndex Annual Buzz Rankings

International research consultancy, YouGov released its 2013 BrandIndex Annual Buzz Rankings across 14 countries yesterday.

YouGov’s proprietary BrandIndex tool assesses the daily brand health of more than 500 brands across 20 sectors in the UAE.
BrandIndex rankings are based on a brand’s BrandIndex Buzz score, which measures the positive or negative trajectory of a brand by asking respondents specific questions related to brand awareness and perception. High buzz scores indicate consumers have heard something positive about the brand by advertising, news or word of mouth in the past two weeks.

Emirates Airlines achieved a Buzz score of 58.9, maintaining its first place ranking as the brand consumers in the UAE hear positively about most often. Google witnessed the greatest improvement in Buzz score this year, gaining 17.9 points to reach
second place in the overall Buzz rankings with a score of 58.6 points. In 2013 Samsung improved its Buzz score by 10.9 points to secure third  place with a Buzz score of 58.1 points.

This year, brands within the financial services sector dominated the Top BrandIndex Buzz Improvers list in the UAE. Ranking second in Buzz improvement over the previous year, Visa witnessed an improvement of 12.7 points. MasterCard and Emirates NBD also made the Top-Ten Buzz Score Improver List, jumping 10 and 9.9 points, respectively.

In Saudi Arabia, Samsung maintained its position, achieving a Buzz score of 62.2 points. In second place, Google gained an impressive 25.7 points this year to reach a Buzz score of 61.9 points. Chocolate brand Galaxy ranked third this year, with a score of 53.9, and dairy company Almarai jumped three places to reach fourth with a Buzz score 52.6. Visa witnessed the biggest improvement in Buzz score, witnessing an increase of 30.7 points to reach a score of 37.6. MasterCard, which launched its Priceless Arabia Campaign in 2013, witnessed an increase of 26.7 points. Carbonated beverage brands 7Up, Pepsi and Mirinda also made it to the Top BrandIndex BuzzImprovers list, jumping 12.7, 9.2, and 7.7 points, respectively.







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