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Despite only 9% shopping online, here’s why you still need to advertise online

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Despite only 9% shopping online, here’s why you still need to advertise online

Ramadan is a good period for retailers with some reporting that 40% of their annual revenue is generated during this month.

According to YouGov, 40% consumers believe that Ramadan has the best offers and is the best period for them to make all their purchases.

While consumers are on the lookout for promotions across a broad range of categories, many are focusing in on offers in certain specific areas. Over half are looking for deals in groceries and fresh produce (54%) and clothes (51%), while well over a third are keen to find mobile phone (39%) and fashion accessory (36%) bargains.

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[Tweet “Despite the growth in e-commerce over recent years, only 9% in the UAE plan to shop online in Ramadan.”]

This is despite the fact that the GCC e-commerce market was valued at $10 billion in 2017.

Instead, the majority plans to spend at least some of their shopping time either exclusively at the mall/in store (39%) or a combination of in-store and online (38%)

Yet despite this preference for physical stores, consumers may divert from their normal shopping behavior during Ramadan. Over four in ten (44%) will go to a different mall than usual if it either has good offers across its stores or if it has their preferred brands on sale. Fewer people (39%) state that they will go only to their preferred malls irrespective of the offers/promotions available.

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What’s interesting is that despite the preference to shop in-store, people still rely on online channels for information. Around four in ten find out about promotions via social media ads (42%) and internet ads (39%), while three in ten (30%) hear through promotional emails/SMS from companies and brands. There is still a space for more traditional methods, however, with in-store adverts (38%), word-of-mouth (33%), and out-of-home (33%) influencing the choices of Ramadan shoppers.

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