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Mobile activity decreasing? Blame it on the weather

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Mobile activity decreasing? Blame it on the weather

The correlation between the weather and mobile activity might seem absurd but there is some truth to it.

Blis, a mobile technology company focusing on location data and behavioral advertising, conducted a new study that shows the impact of the weather on mobile activity, among other factors.

A survey across five cities – Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, London and New York – between January and March 2018 found that mobile activity was highest in New York and London with temperatures ranging from 5 to 12 degrees (Celsius) and lowest in Dubai and Singapore where temperatures were between 26 and 32 degrees (Celsius).

“The data suggests that guests in cooler climates could be spending more time indoors planning their next activity, while those in warmer climates appear to just use their hotel for a quick break from the heat,” explains a spokesperson from Blis.

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The study also found that those between 18 to 25 years of age make up a significant chunk of the population in these five cities but they under-index for hotels. Globally, it is the 25 to 45-year-olds that form the core audience for hotels.

Interestingly, whether one is staying in a budget hotel or a luxury hotel, they visit the same places i.e. tourists will be tourists. However, those staying at luxury hotels are more likely to well, indulge in luxurious experiences. For instance, 160% more Hilton audiences were seen at fine dining restaurants and 73% at designer stores compared to those staying at the Four Seasons.


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