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This is the most important platform for influencers. PS: It’s not Facebook



This is the most important platform for influencers. PS: It’s not Facebook

The rise of influencers and consequently influencer marketing has elicited varied reactions from agencies, brands AND consumers – from absolute awe to downright disbelief. Yet, influencer marketing dominates advertising today with Mediakix estimating global spend on it to increase to anywhere to $5 billion to $10 billion by 2020.

In its latest study, BPG Orange, the content and consulting agency of BPG Group, has turned the spotlight on influencers to understand what drives them to engage with brands in the UAE.



say Instagram is the most important platform.


say blogs come next.


rank YouTube as important – after Instagram and blogs.

This is followed by Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The real reason for becoming an influencer is NOT money.


were inspired to become social media personalities to make an impact and drive real change in consumer behavior and attitude in the UAE

Only 16%

became influencers to grow their online popularity

Merely 11%

did it for financial gain

One of the respondents offered a candid view: “I didn’t plan to become a social media influencer – it just happened by itself. As the organic following started to grow, I felt compelled to be able to make a positive impact and inspire people to make healthier, informed and more self-confident changes. It should never be about ego, popularity or financial gain.”

Working with brands

Product reviews and serviced trials

are the most popular method of brand engagement followed by sponsored content

1 to 3 brands a month

Majority of influencers work with one to three brands a month

70% are honest

when it comes to disclosing if a post if is paid for by a brand

Money matters

$1,000 to $5,000

The amount charged by 94% of influencers per post

$5,000 to $10,000

The amount charged by 5% of influencers per post

But only 66%

charge per post/video while 76% accept payment through free products or experiences

Influencers justify the hefty price tag by citing reasons such as time invested in creating the content, money invested in content production, personal expenses during the partnership and money spent in promoting or boosting posts.

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