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Scene stealer

In a bid to raise awareness and generate buzz around the launch of Cadillac’s ATS Coupe premium compact car model – which saw its official Middle East debut this year – the automotive brand collaborated with Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) MENA for a three-month long activation, bringing together technology, social media crowdsourcing and user-generated content. On September 30, 2014, an invite-only event in Dubai saw 190 guests gather for a live experience that drew inspiration from the car’s tech features. “Our challenge was to create such an engaging social media experience that the 190 guests would organically amplify this experience across their own social channels and allow us to reach a much wider audience,” says the team behind the activation. Guests were individually handed radio-frequency identification (RFID) wrist bands, which were connected to their Facebook accounts, allowing them to instantly ‘friend’ each other through an interactive table, and swipe across other surfaces and boxes to get their photos uploaded, sign up for test drives and even film and share a 360-degree selfie video.

50 percent of guests activated their wrist bands, of which 88 percent uploaded their selfie video; 80 percent friended people; 25 percent signed up for a test drive and 22 percent uploaded their photos. Building on this momentum, the team leveraged the keyword used to describe the car during the event, “scene stealer”, turning it into a hashtag for a social media competition that ran on Instagram from December 1 to 15. “We had to make sure we continued telling the #SceneStealer story. One of the most challenging practices on social media is to sustain content, especially when there are limited assets for a new product that hasn’t been around the Middle East region previously,” explains the team. Tying up with photography community and platform, Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), the competition’s creative brief invited Cadillac’s fans and customers, as well as the GPP community, to capture photos of moments they believed were “scene stealers”. Among 1029 entries submitted by 177 competitors, competition winners – chosen through a voting process held by both Cadillac and GPP – were offered a weekend test drive for the ATS Coupe, photography workshops and backstage passes to an international photo shoot.

Capping the activation was an exhibition that took place on February 4, showcasing the competition’s winning entries. Overall, the activation generated a total reach of 2,500,000 during the launch event and reached an audience of 1,126,118 for the competition – during which the number of followers Cadillac has on Instagram grew by 11 percent.

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