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Socialize presents how brands can use Snapchat and Periscope


Socialize presents how brands can use Snapchat and Periscope

To be successful on social media, a brand should not be present on all platforms, but only on the ones where its target audience is most active. As the 16-25 age group is a major target group for most of the brands in the region, emerging channels like Snapchat and Periscope should be considered in the social media channel ecosystem. This week, we will explore the main features of these two apps and how they are being used by some brands in storytelling and content seeding.


Five reasons why brands should consider Snapchat:

  • 45 percent of Snapchat’s users are between 18-24 years old
  • The young users are the the early adopters, they are the ones who start conversations about the brand and engage with its content, thus making it more appealing for the youngsters
  • At the moment, Snapchat is not cluttered with ads and branded content
  • Snapchat has 200 million active monthly users and was the fastest growing messaging app in 2014
  • The unexpectedness and surprise in its messages keeps the audience coming back for more


Three ways brands can use Snapchat: 

  • Reward engaged users with special offers using the auto-delete snap features
  • Send timely reminders using the timed snaps
  • Storytelling using the stories feature

Taco Bell SnapchatAn example of how Taco Bell used Snpachat to reveal a limited time free offer


How brands can Use Periscope 

Periscope is a Twitter-owned App that lets users create and share live video broadcasts. It gained 1 million new users since its launch a month ago and it’s being used by brands like American Eagle, H&M, and Red Bull. This is how Periscope can be used:
  • Showcase company culture & the people behind the brand through live coverage without having to setup complicated live feed systems
  • Live Q&A sessions and instant feedback for campaigns
  • Sneak peeks and teasers from events

Periscope H&MAn example of how H&M used Periscope for the pre-launch of their new collection

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