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Synechron announces the acquisition of usable


Synechron announces the acquisition of usable

Synechron, the independent pure-play technology consulting and outsourcing provider for the financial services industry, today announced the acquisition of usable, a U.S.-based boutique UI/UX design firm. The acquisition strengthens and further expands Synechron’s digital design and user interface/user experience capabilities, specifically, SyneStudio, Synechron’s dedicated digital technology division.

The acquisition of usable will add further momentum to the strategic leadership in digital innovation that the firm is bringing about in the financial sector. Usable’s design expertise coupled with the thought leadership and domain knowledge in the new UAE management team will clearly differentiate Synechron in the digital space.

“Businesses across industries depend on advanced technology-based digital solutions to deliver innovative products, services, and solutions,” says Faisal Husain, co-founder and CEO of Synechron. “usable’s deep experience helping businesses innovate and design powerful solutions aligns with our client promise to help companies succeed in the digital landscape. Our expertise in technical executions, in combination with usable’s expertise, will allow our clients to focus on their key business functions.”

Synechron maintains successful partnerships with the top 15 global agencies, including leading ad exchanges and networks. The company has executed diverse projects across the digital landscape, from Content Management Systems (CMS) projects, to real time e-commerce platforms, social media management, digital marketing campaign technology integration, and digital marketing on next generation devices. Synechron specializes in delivering advanced digital solutions by helping clients achieve technology and business goals through storytelling and content creation, enabling them to cost-effectively scale from 1:1 customer interactions to billions of impressions.

Synechron launched SyneStudio in the U.S., Canada, UK, Asia Pacific, and Middle East to provide digital and business technology and end-to-end IT services. SyneStudio engineers, designs, develops and manages technology initiatives for agencies, ad networks and exchanges, data management platforms, demand-side platforms, publications, and the digital ecosystem at large. The business division embodies a highly flexible model, centered on the ever-changing interplay of strategy, creativity, and technology.

usable was founded in late 2012 by three leading industry experts who spent their entire careers designing and implementing interfaces, architectures, and holistic experiences that combine best practices with innovative creative solutions. Their innovative work and powerful design solutions support businesses across the automotive, education, healthcare, technology & media verticals, among others, representing clients from Toyota to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, to Pfizer, Google,

“We are extremely excited to join forces with one of the top global technology consulting firms. Our collective combination of skills and experience will benefit all of our clients on a global scale. The principles of usable bring over 50 years of combined user experience, design and technology expertise in the digital space both on the agency and product side. It’s a great fit,” says Josh Markowitz, founder and CEO, of usable.

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