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The Brand Leaders to provide an interactive industry platform in the Middle East


The Brand Leaders to provide an interactive industry platform in the Middle East


The Brand Leaders, a platform compiling opinions and research from marketing and PR professionals across the region – and which has recently launched its Arabic version – is a concept originally created by global communication group, YoungNetwork Group.

“It is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and since the first project in Europe, it has evolved into a research-oriented platform, aiming not only to share the experience of marketing managers and communication directors in the region, but also to understand new trends arising with the upcoming Expo2020.

From our daily contact with our clients, who are mostly marketing managers, we noticed that there are not that many places where they can openly share their opinions on where marketing is headed next. We believe that gathering this information is very useful, not only to students and researchers, but other professionals as well,” explains Jad Fares, account executive at YoungNetwork Group Middle East.

Asked about the target audience for The Brand Leaders, Fares says the platform is mainly addressing students, researchers and professionals within the marketing and communication fields through contributions from marketing managers, PR directors and general managers across industries – which include automotive, FMCG, healthcare and real estate brands, among others. “For now, we mostly feed on information provided by our interviewees in the Brand Leaders testimonies; we already have brands such as Damac, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Yas Marina Circuit, Nestlé, Siemens and Sony Mobile, among others. That is the main goal of this project – to give them a voice, and to listen to what they are doing,” he explains, adding that the platform’s in-house team is in charge of additional content.

Guest contributors to The Brand Leaders are mostly multinationals, “since they already achieved the status of household names. For more local companies, we try to look for specific work that is being done in their sector, and the influence they may excerpt. We cannot forget these are real people, people who work these brands every day, thinking, strategizing the brands, trying to engage with their customers,” adds Fares. While the platform has been fed, up until now, with guest opinions based on contributors’ professional experiences, The Brand Leaders has recently introduced an industry survey element to its content, with the hopes that it would serve as a research resource for readers.

On including agencies in The Brand Leaders platform, Fares says the team has kicked off an agency testimonial section with an interview with FP7/DXB,  which is soon to be made available on the website.





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