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Why brands need to reconsider advertising to women


Why brands need to reconsider advertising to women

By Yulia Klimacheva, head of brand strategy at Jpd Agency

Today, we live in an unprecedented period in our history, where women in many corners of the world hold their own rights and stand equal alongside men. Which is why we have witnessed such a phenomenal growth in women entrepreneurship over the last two decades. From the likes of Arianna Huffington to Cher Wang and Jessica Alba, women have been an inspiration for many others, to define their own path.

Women of advertising

Being an entrepreneur and a woman within the marketing world can bring its unique challenges, which only drives me further. One of the first steps on the journey that I have found essential is to let go of self-doubt and truly believe in oneself. Doubting your own expertise is common among women and can often lead to missing out on opportunities. In contrast, being passionate about what you do, can help to keep you on track. Looking at the regional dynamics, and as an expat for 15 years, I am truly inspired by the UAE Government and the way they promote, educate and open opportunities for women across various sectors. With nine female ministries announced last year as part of the country’s Cabinet, you can see a strong support and drive to promote equality within the region.

Women in advertising

This year we have noticed an increase in the number of female celebrities in adverts as compared to the last year. The ad that stood out for me was the Toyota commercial featuring the 22-year-old athlete, Toni Harris. Showcasing a young athlete in a male-dominated sport, with the voiceover: “They said she was too small, they said she was too slow, too weak. They said she’d never get to the next level…” Harris ends the commercial with: “But I’ve never been a fan of assumptions.”

Understanding female nature is the key to success for brands today, given that women control $18 billion of the global spending. They are the key drivers behind purchasing decisions and missing out on a way to communicate to them can be detrimental to any brand. Within the industry, understanding the multidimensionality that we represent is essential for a brand’s development, thus opening a plethora of opportunities. We learned that brands, which embody feminine traits, such as openness, relevance, empathy, emotion and experience, have 10 percent higher revenue than those that don’t. In contrast, brands that are driven by and express old-fashioned and “traditional roles” continue to lose loyalty across female sector.

From the product packaging to brand experiences, women have greatly influenced the rise of design as a consumer phenomenon. Looking at marketing and communication, brands today, have a great opportunity to celebrate the versatility, flexibility, multi-tasking and productivity women bring, showcasing diversity of women in leadership roles.

Believing in yourself and keeping your self-confidence in tact, helps to achieve a lot, no matter which market or industry you are in. You define your own path in life!


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