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ALISA PR wins PR mandate for Ajman Government entity

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ALISA PR wins PR mandate for Ajman Government entity

Dubai-based independent communications agency ALISA PR has been appointed to handle the PR activities for the Ramadan Campaign with Ajman Government entity Human Appeal International, UAE.

The agency will promote the Human Appeal International’s four main Ramadan campaigns on Fast Breaking (Iftar), Eid Dressing, Food Donation and Alms (Zakat Al Fitr) and new smart services highlighting the new institutional identity over a launch ceremony “Make Them Happy” in the month of giving to encourage the UAE community and stakeholders to participate.

The Ramadan Initiative by Human Appeal International is aimed to generate and allocate funds on four main areas for each program to serve and meet the needs of the less fortunate and underprivileged all over the UAE.

In order to achieve this, Human Appeal International has developed a web and mobile application, which allows users to pay and make donations for each of the campaigns. Users can send in their donations through different payment channels of their choice. The app also allows users to see updates on the total funding received. The aim is to build trust and transparency with Human International Appeal’s donators on where the money is being used.

Alisa D’souza, founder and PR consultant says in a statement: “We are honored to join hands with Human Appeal International to promote its “Make Them Happy” Ramadan Campaigns, smart services and a new identity. We look forward to us all making the world a better place.”

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