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Wallis Marketing Consultants take on Hyundai’s PR duties for MEA


Wallis Marketing Consultants take on Hyundai’s PR duties for MEA

Hyundai Africa and Middle East has appointed Wallis Marketing Consultants as its PR agency in the Africa and Middle East region. Effective March 2015, the contract sees the UAE-based agency handling the group’s media activity throughout Africa and the Middle East, including the GCC and Levant, as well as North Africa and parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.

As well as handling the core Hyundai model line, Wallis will also work closely with the carmaker in establishing the new Genesis luxury brand.

“Hyundai is in a period of rapid expansion worldwide, both in the volume of cars we manufacture, and the range of models we offer worldwide,” says Jin (James) Kim, vice-president and head of Hyundai Africa and Middle East, in a press statement.

“We offer our clients a clear focus on the region, and have a deep understanding of the media landscape in both English and Arabic,” adds Michael Wallis, managing partner at the PR firm.


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